How do we start a new venture? - Ewen Munro's Blog #1

When beginning anything, especially a difficult task, the start seems to be ominous. Infinite possibilities fill up this stage, and so we try to weigh the burden by assessing what we believe is going to work. But the question that we should ask ourselves during these assessments is: “how do we know that this is going to work?"

We can’t know what is going to happen because it hasn’t happened yet. That’s the mystery of the future, the infinite number of questions that constantly produce anguish within us. That’s life. But this mystery is not to startle us or to encourage us to quit; in fact, I propose the opposite. Because we can never know what is going to happen this means we should “act”, even if the “how” isn’t completely clear.

This doesn’t mean that “assessing” is a flawed action; assessing can be very beneficial. But we’ll never be able to assess all of the infinite possibilities and at some point, we’d eventually have to commit to an “act” if we wished to succeed in our new venture.

This still doesn’t deny the belief that committing to an “act” is daunting; it very well can be. But the joy of committing to an “act” is this commitment is what some of us describe as “living”. It is in committing to an “act” that we feel alive, growing our own meaning in the process. And this is why, I feel, that we should find our own way to take “the leap” to commit to an “act” so that we can feel successful in our new venture; because committing an “act” makes us feel alive.

I have recently written a book, started a vlog, started a blog, very nearly finished a website and at every beginning have had to take “the leap” to commit to an “act”. And even though those beginnings were daunting, and I know that I still have very far to go, I feel so alive and feel as if I’ve grown so much in recent months.

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