Is Writing Dying? - Ewen Munro's Blog #3

With the rise of videos on the internet, there might be a real concern over the death of writing. It’s no wonder why this is the case, seeing as watching a video is more convenient for the consumer and, most importantly, saves time. Having mentioned this, there also could be a case that writing should still be a powerful force in our lives.

When we pick up a book and read its words, where might the joy of reading the book usually come from? Is it from the story? It very well could be. I believe we all love a good story; it’s hard to imagine anyone who doesn’t. And story is usually of high importance, as the relationship between the reader and the book requires that the reader has the ability to order the words and, in turn, make sense of the text. But if we’ve read any abstract pieces of writing we’d realize that we’d still make the attempt to order the words and try to make sense of the text, meaning that story isn’t absolutely necessary. Or could the joy of reading a book come from the text itself; might we simply enjoy the words? I believe that some might find such enjoyment. But I also believe that this isn’t the main reason for why we enjoy reading.

I believe that main reason why we enjoy reading is because reading has the potential to stimulate our imaginations so that we can create a world that is personal to us. I believe that we love to create these worlds that run through our minds, getting to know its characters, imagining all of the possibilities that this world provides, as if we were seeing it for the first time as if we were a child. It’s the sense of wonder that words can provide that is private to us, that video can’t because video shows us a world that has already been imagined.

It comes down to this; both video and writing are two wonderful mediums, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. And there is room for both. But why I wrote this blog is because we shouldn’t rule out the joys of writing and reading because it’s more convenient to watch a video. We should enjoy writing and reading as much as we enjoy watching a video.

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