What is the most important quality to be successful? - Ewen Munro's Blog #4

It seems somewhat safe to say that people spend an awful amount of time searching and studying for what it takes to be successful; maybe even more so than spending the time to achieve success, ironically. And many of these people have come up with their own answers; patience, focus, self-awareness and so on. Some might even argue that success requires an accumulation of many qualities and can’t be pinned down to one absolutely necessary quality. And while I agree that to be successful requires such an accumulation of qualities, there is one quality that stands out from the rest: courage.

Courage seems essential to success, for without courage, how would we be able to begin? Without courage, how would we be able to confront any challenge? Courage gives us the ability to step into the unknown and make use all of our other qualities.

The trick then becomes about finding courage when facing the unknown. But as strange as it may sound, what if there was no trick to finding courage? Can we just be courageous? Well, why not? We don’t need a reason to be happy or to be sad, so why would we need a reason to be courageous? Courage is just as much a state as it is a quality. To be courageous all we have to do is be courageous. Of course, there are many who might oppose this belief, questioning that there has to be a reason behind our courage, or that courage has to be found within. All I can ask of these people, even though they’re not obliged to do anything I ask of them, is to try and see what happens.

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