What is our greatest tragedy? - Ewen Munro's Blog #5

Like every question, the answer is always open to interpretation. But I would hold that there is one great tragedy that seems to affect a lot of us. And that tragedy is ‘not trying’.

I get it. To do anything in life requires effort, it requires energy. And we might feel exhausted from previously trying or from the idea of trying to follow through with our dreams, or a dream. Yet the road of ‘not trying’ always leads to regret. And regret, to a lot of us, can be painful.

This dilemma can lead to a lot of questions and uncertainties for us. What should we do? Is the dream worth it? Are we worth it? And so on. But to hopefully combat these questions and uncertainties, I’d like to propose a shift in mindset that you might not have realized yet. When you wake up tomorrow, please wake up with the mindset that everything you do on this day is an opportunity to grow. You don’t have to workout, but today is an opportunity to improve your health. You don’t have to go to work, but today is an opportunity to take a step further to your dreams. You don’t have to be sociable, but today is an opportunity to improve your relationships. The very idea that you are even here, on earth, able to interact with others, helps others and be good to others is an opportunity to grow.

And yes, to do anything, even with this new mindset, still requires effort. But in taking seeing each day as an opportunity, and not as an obligation, we don’t seem to feel the burden of having to make an effort to get through the day; and hopefully, we won’t find regret at the end.

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