What is bad faith? - Ewen Munro's Blog #8

Do you ever feel as if you’re stuck, that your situation is holding you back from becoming who you want to be, that you are imprisoned? Then you are most likely suffering from bad faith.

Bad faith is the idea that you believe that you are the situation that you are in, that you don’t have any options. An example of this could be often seen in the workforce, where someone who works a dead-end job at a fast food joint believes that they’ll work at that dead-end fast food joint for the rest of their lives; closing themselves off to the possibility that they can run their own restaurant or become a professional dancer. Bad faith makes us close ourselves off from fulfilling our dreams by barricading our thinking.

So, how do we stop believing in bad faith?

It begins with the realization that you are freer than we think. The argument for freedom can be put as simply as this, either we are free because we have free will or we don’t have freewill because existence is determined and because existence is determined this means that no-thing is absolute and since no-thing can be absolute that must mean we are free.

Upon realizing that we are freer than we think, we might start to realize that thoughts create limitations for us and that thoughts are not as concrete as we may think and that our thinking is irrelevant to our potential. It is at this moment, that we can start to escape bad faith, catching a thought that could potentially limit or damage us and discarding it like the trash that it is, while also conditioning the mind to work in our favor, fulfilling our dreams, living the successful life that we may wish to lead and living to the potential standard that we set for ourselves.

Unfortunately, the majority of us have been conditioned by others to believe that we are our situation, that we are victims to the world that we’re in, to the life that we live. And unfortunately, because we might have been conditioned by others, it might take us a long time to recondition ourselves to think out of that process. But is mentioning that, why not start now?

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