What is entertainment missing? - Ewen Munro's Blog #9

You go to see a movie or read the latest airport novel, sit down and consume it, as was intended. Nothing more, nothing less. What asking one’s self, ‘what is entertainment missing?’, we should probably begin with what entertainment provides.

Entertainment can provide a laugh, an adrenaline rush, a sense of excitement (virtually an adrenaline rush), an escape from reality, even for a few hours, and even more. It seems that entertainment can provide us so much, but yet when we leave a movie or put down the latest airport novel, what compels us to simply forget about its contents and jump back into reality? So we should ask the question again, ‘what is entertainment missing?’


Meaning within a film or a novel compels us to dig deeper into the content so that we may learn something of ourselves and of life within the piece, it compels us to contemplate the intent behind the artist’s work. Meaning gives a work of art added value, behind just simply being a piece of entertainment, encouraging us to ask our friend next to us or to persuade a friend to read the novel just so we may ask, “what did you think?”

So how do we create meaning in art?

This is where it can become difficult because meaning in life is relative. What is meaningful to one person might be meaningful to another. A hundred people who watch the same film have a hundred different interpretations of the film. A hundred people who read a novel have a hundred different interpretations of the novel.

So as an artist, what should we do?

All that is left to do, I believe, as an artist, is to make content that is meaningful to you and believe that your craft is able to translate that meaning to its audience. Passion and belief, that’s what has the potential to make a work of art meaningful.

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