"No one knows anything."

There are many defences to this idea, but to keep it simple, I'll just present one of these defences. And here it is:

1) Everything can be questioned.
2) Because everything can be questioned, everything can be refuted.
3) How can we really know anything when everything can be refuted?

And while this might feel demeaning at first, there's a lesson from this and that lesson is that it is because no one knows anything that you should be coming to your own realizations.

See, it's not about what your parents say, nor what your teacher says, nor what some authority figure says, nor is it even about what I say because no one knows any better than you.

It's about the realizations that you come to.

What do you think of X?
What do you think of Y?
Why do you think that of X?
Why do you think that of Y?
And so on?
And so forth?

Everything else is just unconfirmed rumor.

And as you come to your own realizations, you'll grow. And thus, grow your fulfillment.

And really, it's the only way to grow.

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