There's this guy that I work with (because I don't want to compromise this colleague, I won't be using his real name and will instead call him Sam) and Sam is the type of worker that always does the appearance of work. He walks around, not really doing any work and would sometimes disappear on us for long periods of time. Sam's attitude does frustrate some of my other colleagues, but there is another way to look at this that I believe we can all learn from.

It's obvious that Sam doesn't like his job and what he has opted to do is to do the bare minimum in order to keep his job and earn his money without exerting too much effort. But what would happen if Sam did the opposite? What would happen if Sam went beyond what was required of him?

The answer: Sam would develop newer skills, or at least develop his current skills at a faster rate, learn lessons that might not have been learned and opened up opportunities (a raise, or a higher position, or a job opportunity somewhere else) that might allow him to get out of this job that he so obviously hates.

And it seems that many of us do this. When we are in a job that we hate, we fall into complacency and complain about the job that we hate, when we could instead do more than what is required of us and escape our situation.

And often, when I address this with those people who hate their jobs, the excuses come up: "I'm not lucky enough", "I don't have enough time", "there's already too much for me to do", etc, etc, etc. And here is my issue with that:

Potential is infinite. When we only feel, life feels infinite. But when we think, life feels finite. It's not that life is limited, it's our thoughts that limit life. And since potential is infinite, then there's no reason why one can't do more than what is expected of them. And any reason that one might come up with is just an excuse.

And what I hope you take away from Sam and his attitude is that Sam has closed himself off to opportunities that can help him to grow his fulfillment in his life because he has decided to, not because that is how life is. Sam has decided to do the bare minimum and that is what he'll receive, the bare minimum.

So do you want to be like Sam and do the bare minimum or allow yourself to realize the opportunities that are in front of you?

The decision is yours. And whatever decision you make, you'll be responsible for it.

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