Recognizing Fear

I would consider myself to be more of an introvert than an extrovert. I am the type that would usually prefer to read a book than go out to any large social event where I had to small talk with strangers. I just don't like talking to talk. If I'm going to talk, I'm going to give some form of value.

However, earlier this week, I was invited to a networking event that I decided to go to. I had met a few of the people running the event and I believed it would be a good opportunity to meet more people that I could help.

But before the event, with my temperament, many thoughts gradually crept into my mind, trying to convince me to not take part: "You don't have to do this", "You could be reading a book", etc, etc.

But out of all the thoughts that were trying to prevent me from not attending the event, there was one that caught my attention. And this was the thought:

"You could be writing."

This thought caught my attention because writing is just as productive as going to networking events. If I had spent the time writing, I could have inched closer to finishing another book. But then again, on the other hand, I could have been using writing as an excuse to get away with having to small talk with strangers. And so, how was I supposed to discern between whether this thought was a genuine thought that was inspiring me to get work done or whether this thought was masking a fear of having to talk to strangers?

It's a dilemma. And it's something that I don't think anyone can know when they are confronted with this situation or this sort of a situation.

However, there is a clue in that. It's not something that we're supposed to know, it's something that we should feel.

See, when we make a decision, we always make the decision based on a feeling. One could have all the information in the universe, but they could never know what will happen and because of that, one will always decide what they feel will give them the best outcome.

And with that in mind, when we're confronted with an uncertain situation like the one I was in, we should listen to what we're feeling.

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