Social Proof

In psychology, there is this idea called Social Proof, which is the idea that no one knows how to behave, so we just look to others as to how to behave.

And I agree with this idea simply because we don't really know anything, as written in my last blog (Blog: Knowledge) and so, to fit in and get along, what choice do we have but to copy how others behave?

Unfortunately, this can lead to many social problems because if you were born into an environment that didn't encourage you to grow in any way, then negative biases develop and people get trapped in their circumstances, without even realizing that if they worked on themselves they could get out of those circumstances.

And of course, if you were fortunate to be born in an environment that allowed you to grow, then great. Keep growing.

But to me, this is just another incentive to come to your own realizations and grow, regardless of what others are doing.

And also because:

"It is not society that is to guide and save the creative hero, but precisely the reverse." - Joseph Campbell.

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