The Hero and The Sage

The Hero seeks to save the world.

The Sage grows.

The Hero seeks answers.

The Sage understands.

The Hero leads his followers into the unknown.

The Sage is led by the unknown.

The Hero reveals himself to the world.

The Sage sees no need to.

The Hero is vulnerable, yet protected.

The Sage is neither vulnerable, nor protected.

The Hero is limited, but focus on the task at hand.

The Sage is free from entanglements.

The Hero has a villain.

The Sage has no opposition.

The Hero attempts to persuade the world to follow his way.

The Sage inspires others to live their own way.

Both have different goals.

And different obstacles.

Neither one is better than the other.

It is merely a choice as to which role one decides to play, says the Sage.

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