What is loyalty?

There's this restaurant that I used to go to once a week, "The Four Frogs", in Randwick (which I recommend everyone should visit). And besides the great food, what I love about the place is the people who run TFF. They have gotten to know me over many years and there's a real relationship there.

But because I've recently started a second job as a barista, I haven't been able to visit TFF as often and it's made me rethink the concept of loyalty.

It seems that many of us see loyalty as showing up consistently, but times change, things happen and to consistently show up forever is impossible to ask of anyone.

And now, the way I see loyalty is about caring for those that matter to you, even if you can't be there all the time. I still drop by TFF from time to time and I still talk to the people who run the restaurant, but more importantly, I speak for them and encourage others to eat there. And to me, that is loyalty.

So for those who want loyalty in their life, instead of expecting others to consistently show up for you, just continue to remain faithful to your values and allow others to care for you.

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