Why do many struggle to give?

Is it because there's no benefit?

This is a misconception.

There's no such thing as something for nothing. Everything is reciprocated in some form or other because everything exists in relationship with everything else.

How can we have front without back? Top without bottom? On without off? Light without darkness? And so on?

A thing requires its opposite in order to distinguish itself. And because of that, everything exists in relationship with everything else and is reciprocated in some form or other.

And so, in that way, what we give comes back to us.

Is it because we're ignorant of the benefits of giving?

Really, we're all ignorant of different things.

For example, I'm unaware of what you're living through because I'm not experiencing life through you're perspective, just as you're unaware of what I'm living through because you're not experiencing life through my perspective. We're all ignorant of other's lives and thus, we're all ignorant.

The trouble is that we don't realize what we're ignorant of simply because we're ignorant of it and this dynamic can cause conflict between us.

However, being ignorant of the benefits of giving shouldn't be an excuse. Ignorance should be an incentive to learn.

And thus, we should learn about the benefits of giving.

Is it because giving takes effort?

We're always exerting effort because we're always doing.

We can't not do something. When we make a decision, we can decide to do something or decide not to do something. But in deciding not to do something, we're deciding. Deciding not to do something is what we're doing.

And so, we're always doing. And we're always exerting effort.

And with this in mind, it becomes about where we'd like to direct our efforts.

If we don't give, what we don't give comes back to us.

But if we give, what we give comes back to us.

Is it because we're afraid to give?

When we give, we do make ourselves vulnerable, opening ourselves up to potentially being rejected.

But it is only in taking this risk that we're able to form honest connections.

For example, think about every friend you've ever had. To begin the friendship, either you or your friend decided to share a name, attention, or share something in order to begin a dialogue that led to the friendship between you and your friend.

Every connection was founded on some form of giving. And in my opinion, this should be yet another incentive to give me.

Or mightn't we not realize why many struggle to give?

There are many possible reasons for why many struggle to give.

But I believe none of these reasons should prevent us from giving because it is by giving that we can form honest connections, reduce ignorance, build trust and care for each other.

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