About 'Impressions':

Twelve short stories that explore what it means to be alive and how to live, delving into aspects of anthropology, philosophy, sociology, morality, politics, psychology, theology, art and many more.

Book Statement:

Through art, we have the ability to see our truth. With Impressions, I wanted to display different facets of the human character, life and being so that readers may find their personal truth and learn from themselves.

You can read all of the Short Stories on my Short Stories page.

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If you happen to be a filmmaker or a producer and wish to adapt any of my short stories into a film or if you happen to be acquainted with a filmmaker or producer that would be interested in adapting any of my short stories into a film, then you can reach out to me through the Contact Me page on my website below to purchase the non-exclusive rights to any of my short stories for $1 USD, a credit at the end of the film and a link to my website (the link to my website can be negotiated).