About 'Impressions':

Twelve short stories that explore what it means to be alive and how to live, delving into aspects of anthropology, philosophy, sociology, morality, politics, psychology, theology, art and many more.

Below are the synopses for each short story.

A Reflection:

A man goes through an epiphany, ruminating on the joys and hardships of life and the worries he endures.

La Vérité:

Karen, a model, displeased with the severity of her lifestyle, drops out of her industry and struggles to find an alternative path.

Look Back:

Joseph, a tired old man who has given up on life, converses with a life coach over his past, his fears and his temporary future.

Janus’ Open Door:

Set in a future dystopia where Artificial Intelligence has risen to the point where AIs are producing AIs and humanity has realized the meaninglessness of its existence, a seeker contemplates mankind’s endeavors in an attempt to make sense of our history.

The Evanescence of Memories:

A glimpse at a changing friendship over time and the lessons learned along the way.

Stream of:

A stream of consciousness on life and us, ebbing and flowing in search of an explanation of sorts.

The Story of My Future:

Drew, a news presenter, takes in a homeless teenager, Talisa, who he has never encountered before, to tell her a secret that will have a deep impact on her life.


After a car crash, a man loses his sight and the life he lived and shares his experience of being blind.

The Birdcage:

Following the suspicious death of his young neighbor, a teenager is imprisoned in his house by his paranoid mother and attempts to escape.


When aliens arrive in search of a new home, humanity is obliged to work with them to avoid global conflict.

The Rat:

A drug addict goes through a series of life changing events, altering his negative view of the world and how one should live.


An employee with a fear of embarrassment is forced into a difficult situation by his inept boss, testing his self-esteem.

Book Statement:

Through art, we have the ability to see our truth. With Impressions, I wanted to display different facets of the human character, life and being so that readers may find their personal truth and learn from themselves.

If you are a filmmaker or a producer and wish to adapt any of my short stories into a film or if you are acquainted with a filmmaker or producer that would be interested in adapting any of my short stories into a film, then you can fill out the form on the Contact Me page on my website to purchase the non-exclusive rights to any of my short stories for $1 USD, a credit at the end of the film and a link to my website (the link to my website can be negotiated).

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