About 'Nothing & Everything':

Do you know anyone who sometimes feels angst, or anguish, or despair, or gets stressed easily, or gets depressed very easily, or can’t deal with the difficulties of life, or isn’t fulfilled with their life? Or do you sometimes feel any of these feelings yourself? And don’t you think that in order for you to deal with these feelings, and for you to grow your fulfillment in your life, you would have to grow your understanding of life? Doesn’t it make sense that in order for us to grow our fulfillment in our lives we would have to grow our understanding of life? Nothing & Everything, Ewen Munro’s first book, asks the strong questions of life, that we might not ask of ourselves, to help us to grow our understanding of life and to grow our understanding of ourselves. And in helping us to grow our understanding of life, Ewen establishes a mindset that defends empathy and responsibility, while also showing us a beauty in life that we might look past or ignore entirely.

Book Statement:

Two of the many things I value in life are art and philosophy. The reason I value them is because they don’t tell us how to live our lives. They are not dogma. Art and philosophy hold up a mirror to us, asking questions of us so that we might realize our own answers and, in turn, grow our understanding of life and grow our understanding of ourselves. Nothing & Everything is my attempt to create a mirror while also shaping an argument that defends empathy and responsibility, highlighting why empathy and responsibility are important to us and why we should be empathetic and take responsibility for ourselves and for each other.

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