Stream of

…is sein, yes, reject the call, cancel the call, what call, the call, the call to step forward, step forward to where, out-where, where-out, beyond, far beyond, where, into the future, beyond the past, the story we tell ourself, past transcendence, the space that breathes, where the future holds itself, above the place where ideas meet, where ideologies grow and die and grow and die and grow and die, without ever being annihilated or born, upon the room where notions reciprocate, a place that romantics, that we like to call mystery, the unknown, nothingness, that doesn’t exist, yet exists, living in a thought, as the thought, suffocated, suffocated by what, by beliefs, by other thoughts, by the beliefs the thought produced, the thought that produced thoughts that were consistently being thought about, the thought that felt, the feeling thought, the thought feeling, feeling-thought, thought-feeling, vibrating the impulse, the thought impulse, thinking impulse, stemming from desire, energy that was bumping still, collapsing into ourself, creating the confusion, our normalcy, our routine, not the way, not our way, what is the way, what is the path, the journey, the road no one travels, how be there a road when no one travels it, unless no one is someone, no one must be someone to travel, to go, to do, to journey, journeys require travelers, travelers require inspiration, to find me, to find us, though we are here, we are found, founded, only to be lost in here, in now, we must lose us so that we may not be lost, ha-ha-ha, what a conundrum, lost fools get lost, why, to get the thing, what thing, the thing that needs to be got, above we, that is transcended, the space that breathes, tied to our space, to ourself, us, all space, everywhere, mass-producing lost fouls to get lost, wa-ha-ha, for what reason, to be found, here, found and lost in our own pain, our own torment, for we are tormented, perverted, forgotten little masses that bump-de-bump-de-bump, into oblivion, forever in ignorance of our authenticity, our innocent, gullible, naïve, artless us, that can’t be got, that is transcended, that is our contradiction, our feeling, running into ourself, to do what, to why, to journey, oh, glimpse the emptiness, dance the dance, sing the song, perform the performance, the path of least resistance, devoid of conflict, getting lost to be a way, on the way, on our way, for what, for dancing, for singing, for performing, for life, for living, for it, for what, what for, for something, for nothing, for no purpose, for what is purpose, the mountain, for what is the mountain, purpose, purpose for what, purpose for all, for everything, for moments, for the moment, for now, now-here, here-now, found, in clarity, for clarity, ah, clarity, the powerful, the weak, giving and giving up and giving and giving up and giving and giving up, for in power there is weakness and in weakness there is power, such is clarity, for in clarity we’re lost, we get nothing, we have nothing, nothing to be found, nothing to dance, nothing to sing, nothing to perform, nothing to live, to live for, live for life, vis la vie, live le néant, for nani mo, for with nothing there is nothing, and without nothing there is nothing, nothing to be something, something more, more than snsee, less than roatianl, what is more, and how is less, less is less, less is more and more is less, this is everything, everything is more and less and this and that, no, yes, much more like more and no, ah, the head, the voice, always speaking, tittering away at itself, why, what torture, it’s our purgatory, this is hard, not helpful, this is easy, simple, should we be telling ourself this, what self, the I, the not-I, the one that sees, where, who, what, wherewhowhat, wear, hoo, wat, such a blur, a haze surrounding the light, forever consuming the end, if there be such a thing, for “in the beginning” we end up at the end, a hoax, a joke, jinx, hit the floor, footprints create delusions, left and right and left and right and left and right, going where, doing what, always around the bend, seeing links and rechts and sahee and baen and reliquit and i rectus, how do we ever fail, what a gift, lose ourself into quoi, into us, into nonsense with meaning, on a point, a mountain top, above the sky, the clouds, circling the atmosphere, swimming through stories that drown us in igiclalol posurpe, to tutor tutorials, to save cats with silence, all we need, a son that rises, a knight that falls, could be the same person, a noble man, woman, woman-man, man-woman, north-south, west-east, on and off, down and up and away we go, propelling forward to failure, beautiful it is, watching us change while staying the same, is this what we do, no and yes, is és are, not so, not defined, is-are, are-is is truth, is not-truth, not true, not right, not wrong, right and wrong or neither right nor wrong, merely feelings, our pulse, love, love, love, the only beat there is, funneling everything we emote, happiness, anger, joy, fear, ecstasy, pleasure, everything we deserve, yet don’t deserve, yet deserve, unworthiness is the plague, our greatest enemy, our only enemy, playing into our own sanity, the sane-insane, the “as it is”, asitis, atisis, arises as if change were an anomaly, not possible, schizophrenic, only if we could defeat sanity, conquer ourself, our stupidity, for winning would create harmony, peace, distorting all practicality, feasibility, pragmatism, functionalism, realism, to feel, in rapturous love, only to emit chaos without morality, to not-chaos, to not-be moral, be pure, be love, love without identifying love as love, that’s a word, identify, the word, the word that realizes, that is to be realized, that breaks barriers, the barriers, our barriers, our own mind, our consciousness, what a headache, to think, to ponder above feeling, vibrate thoughts that form boundaries, getting us to nowhere, why, why when we make ourself sick, when we charge into walls, walls we don’t need, for what is needed, nothing, we have nothing, what is needed, we don’t know, how could we know, we never know, for knowing is not-knowing and not-knowing is unknown, this is proof, what is proof, proof is not-knowing, this is known, what it means to know all, for we know all without moving, without knowing, we know not-all, not-know all, this is proof, proof as in meaning, the mountain, climbing ourself, conquering ourself, our stupidity, our sickness, our poison, our words, our identities, to stop playing “as it is” as it is, as it is not, for what is identity except for that that we identify as identity, the identity, the identity that identifies the word, not it, not “as it is”, as it is not, not the word, not a word, an identity, a not-identity, a 手拍, a 沒有, 何も, a, ew, suon, 1, a, å, ©, جبل, W, Û, мужской, ½, Æ, 太阳, =, , женски, 月亮, , , , קאָנטינוום, of what, of it, of life, not-life, of existence, not existence, of the universe, the not-universe, all, yet not-all, continuing to no-where, perpetuating itself for nothing, for no-reason, for is, for are, are-is, is-are, as a continuum, yet not a continuum, not an identity, a not-identity, continuing, continuing what, the stream, the not-stream, stream of…

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